Dojo Rules

1. Students will bow upon entering and before leaving the dojo.

2. Students will behave at all times as gentlemen/ladies both inside and outside the dojo.

3. No Karate student will provoke violence outside the dojo or alow himself/herself to be provoked
into violence, under pain of expulsion from the sport of Karate for life.

4. Higher belts will aid lower belts in their training. Lower belts will follow the instructions of higher belts in the dojo.

5. No alcool will be taken before class. Chewing gum or eating candy during class is forbidden.

6. There will be no "sparring" without the express permission of the "Sensei".

7. Students will maintain a serious attitude at all times. No profanity or loud talking is permitted in the dojo.

8. Do not criticize other Karate-ka.

9. Students must comply with the dojo health rules. Personal cleanliness is essential.
Finger and toenails must be clipped short.

10. Students must attend at least one class weekly at the time designated for their instruction.

11. No rings, watches or other jewellry may be worn during class.

12. Under no circumstances will any form of Karate be taught by any member to any non-member.


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